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Ireland's Best Session Tunes 1

Art.-Nr.: Waltons 10819
Ireland's Best Session Tunes 1
110 of the most popular and enduring session tunes in Ireland and around the world

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Ireland's Best Session Tunes 1
Join in wherever you go with these collections of jigs, reels, hornpipes, polkas, slides, airs and more. All the books feature accurate transcriptions in an easy-to-read format, and include guitar chords. Suitable for all melody instruments.

48 Seiten, CD erhältlich, Waltons 10819, ISBN: 978-1-85720-085-0

Volume 1 includes: Anderson's Reel • The Banshe • The Blackberry Blossom • Bonny Kate • The Boyne Hunt • The Bucks of Oranmore • Bunker Hill • Captain Kelly • The Congress Reel • Ther Copperplate • Down the Broom • Drowsy Maggie • The Fermoy Lasses • The Flogging Reel • The Fox on the Town • Father Kelly's Reel • The Geehan's Gooseberry Bush • The Green Fields of America • The Green Groves of Erin • The Heather Breeze • and more.

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